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Create rich face-to-face and online blended learning programmes with Rise Up's all-in-one solution. Bring together human and digital interaction to improve your employees' skills.

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A unique blended learning experience


With Rise Up, you will have maximum flexibility to provide varied and engaging programmes to your learners. Mix things up, blend trainer-led sessions with self-study, one-to-one or group learning, face-to-face or online, you name it! 


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Blended Learning Platform

What is blended learning?


What is Blended Learning

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Bring together the best of both face-to-face learning and e-learning


Easy to manage

Manage all types of training, whether face-to-face, e-learning or blended, from the same interface.
Rise Up makes your life easier, helping you organise face-to-face sessions and create electronic attendance forms, certifications and turnkey reports.
Need to train your partners, customers or subsidiaries? We have the solution.

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Integrated content creation

Engage your employees by creating rich, customised content for your platform, without worrying about format compatibility or where you store your resources.


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An enhanced training experience

Give your employees a unique training experience that is intuitive and user-friendly, flexible and mobile, social and personal.
At Rise Up, learner engagement is key and includes personalised courses and goal tracking, virtual classrooms, forums and news feeds.


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Our business is based on two principles: on one hand, learners expect a modern, seamless experience; on the other, training departments want their own needs to be met when it comes to managing and running their training programmes.
Arnaud Blachon
CEO, Rise Up
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