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For every pedagogical objective, there is a best way to do it : interactive learning, e-learning, in-class training, virtual classes, fast learning, social learning or mobile learning.

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Perform          better with Blended Learning.

Blended learning is the learning model that performs the best.

Plus, varying training format is essential to learner engagement. With Rise Up, deploying such learning paths becomes simple.





Create. Administer. Engage.

With Rise Up, centralise content creation, deployment, administrative management and the evaluation of your training programs. 

A saving of time and effort to focus on the essential : the pedagogical quality of the courses.


Simplified administration

Manage all types of trainings - face-to-face, e-learning, blended - from the same interface.
Rise Up makes your life easier with face-to-face sessions, e-learning, certifications, turnkey reports.
Need to train partners, customers, subsidiaries ? We have the solution.
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Integrated content creation

Engage your employees by creating rich, custom content from your platform, without worrying about format compatibility and the location of your resources.


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Enhanced training experience

Offer your employees a unique training experience : intuitive and aesthetic, flexible and mobile, social and personalized.
Don't deprive your learners of social interaction, the main motivating factor.
At Rise Up, the keys to learner engagement are already in place : personalized course and goal tracking, virtual classroom, forum, news feed, etc.

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At the heart of our development are two principles: on the one hand, responding to the expectations of learners, which requires a modern and fluid experience, and on the other hand, taking into account the needs expressed by the training departments in terms of the administration and management of the systems.
Arnaud Blachon
CEO, Rise Up