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Preparing employees
for today,
not tomorrow

Increase the efficiency of your Blended Learning programmes and reduce the Time-to-Skill with Rise Up's solution.

Save time in skills development.


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Bring all stakeholders together around the same mission and the same goal

All parties involved in skills development are supported by Rise Up: trainers, managers, HR functions and learners.

  • Multi-portal

    Quickly deploy your platform in multi-portal mode by controlling everything from the same space

  • Advanced administration

    Manage all accounts and permissions according to user roles

  • Simplified design

    Integrate your training content easily and design stimulating Blended Learning courses

  • Assisted management

    Organise and manage your training effortlessly: invitations, reminders, automatic generation of certificates and legal documents personalisation,...

  • Next Generation LXP

    Offer a personalised and optimal training experience according to the profile, level and learning context of each learner

  • Rich reports

    Follow learners' progress and the achievement of targeted objectives and skills in real time

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Capitalise on a powerful L&D ecosystem

Rise Up integrates with all your daily tools: Intranet / collaborative platform, HRIS, CRM, TMS, ERP, and e-commerce solutions.

And to maximise the attractiveness and performance of your programmes, Rise Up provides you with the best solutions on the market.

Already integrated into your Rise Up platform, take advantage of training project planning and management applications, virtual classroom tools, interactive content design solutions or even a catalog with off-the-shelf training content.

Using Technology to serve the development of your learners and yours!

Rise Up's technology, a mix of automation, AI and common sense, does the heavy lifting for you.


You can focus on improving your programmes rather than implementing them, providing maximum value to your learners.

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  • For administrators

    In addition to the ease of use of the platform and the management of all training-related events, Rise Up helps you identify the skills to be developed. Whatever the language, Rise Up generates the corresponding bank of questions for placement tests and addresses personalised and adapted training courses.

  • For learners

    LIA, Rise Up's virtual training coach, allows training to be individualised at scale. In order to reinforce your efficiency, LIA has been designed to assist and personalise employee skills development, offering value through recommendations, research and reminders.

More than customisation,
focus on efficiency

Through its Adaptive Learning capability, Rise Up offers tailor-made training courses and content.
How we make a difference?
With Rise Up, the personalisation of the learner experience is scalable for large employee numbers, it is measurable and improves performance while optimising training time.

Rise Up suggests training, reviews scenarios and readjusts them in real time to strengthen your learners' skills anchoring.

Stop wasting time creating content

While you can import over 400 educational content formats to Rise Up, you can create or enable ready-to-use training content with the Rise Up Content Catalog, without leaving the platform.

In partnership with the best content publishers, the training courses offered under the Rise Up Content umbrella cover all your needs: Soft and Hard Skills as well as regulatory knowledge.


Measure the time-to-skill of your employees to stay in sync with your business goals

Follow your employees' learning progress in real time and on a time scale.

Our dashboards allow you to stay responsive and quickly take decisions if necessary, to ensure the competitiveness of your organisation.

Place training in your employees' routine

Rise Up offers training when your employee is most receptive to learning.

Switching from training to work and vice versa is seamless with learners being able to access their learning material from their Microsoft Teams work environment or during their travel time from their mobile.


Autonomous yes,
alone never

We have developed a solution and expertise capable of helping our customers in their day-to-day lives. Our Customer Success Managers fully understand your challenges and work with agility to ensure the success of your training systems.

Rise Up positions itself as a true partner through our Rise Up Academy training, onboarding, follow-up and customer support.

Create your own Blended Learning training paths with Rise Up authoring tool

Start building a faster, more effective learning culture today

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