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Bring learning in the flow of work

Make learning a part of the working environment to upskill your employees and increase business performance.

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Is your workforce disengaged?

Drive deeper employee engagement by bringing learning into the flow of work. Rise Up encourages proactive learning by enabling learners to access all their training directly from Microsoft Teams.

Why Rise Up and Microsoft Teams

  • Increase engagement with collaborative features.

  • Boost participation with 100% in-app integration.

  • Make learning resources accessible anytime and anywhere.

  • Enable learners to upskill quicker through microlearning.

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Is time-to-skill taking too long?

Leverage learning in the flow of work to tackle lack of time. By integrating learning within the natural flow of work, employees won't have to set aside a specific time to learn, or take time off to attend a formal course. 

Learning in the flow of work also facilitates microlearning by enabling employees to learn new skills quickly, through bitesize bursts of learning. 

Microsoft Teams app

Is your content no longer fit for purpose?

Create a personalised learning experience with our virtual coach LIA. Powered by AI, LIA can easily adapt to each learner's requests, answer their questions, suggest training content and remind them about their scheduled courses.

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Case Study

Learning in the flow of work with Rise Up & Microsoft Teams

AKKA Technologies was the first customer to experience Rise Up with the Microsoft Teams app. At Learning Technologies, Nathalie Macq - Learning Program Manager at AKKA Technologiesshared her feedback about her experience in bringing learning into the employees' working environment. 


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