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The first phase in our framework is to audit your operational, functional and technical requirements. Following this audit, we present our recommendations for the successful completion of your project.

Operational and functional needs

  • Analysis of your training environment

    We take the time to review your learning context: content; training paths and modes, from e-learning, classroom or virtual classroom approaches; internal resources and governance; large account deployment; role definition and user profiling.

  • Definition of your objectives and associated KPIs

    We support our customers throughout the entire training cycle by providing Digital Learning and Data expertise, from the definition of KPIs to the recommendation of optimisation actions, for a better alignment with the company's performance objectives.

  • Macro functional recommendations

    We can help you identify the best activation for you, whether external and/or proprietary implementation, and/or standalone across Web, Microsoft Teams and/or Mobile App versions.

  • Micro functional recommendations

    We can also help activate appropriate training content (proprietary, generic or customised) and aligned functionalities to support your identified requirements.

The first phase of Rise Up solution consists of an audit of your operational, functional, and technical requirements

Technical needs

  • Analysis of your technical environment

    We develop a stack analysis and technical roadmap that may include interconnections with your other tools (HRIS, ERP, CRM, TMS, etc).

  • Audit and recommendation regarding data transfer

    We define and develop data connectivity as needed: users, catalogue, training history of learners, etc.

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Customer onboarding

Your Customer Success Manager is dedicated to the successful roll-out of your project
  1. Kick-off meetings
  2. Agenda, minutes and onboarding plan
  3. Review of project, roadmap and training programmes
  4. Deployment and sharing of training plan
  5. Product training
  6. Video tutorials and resources
  7. Onboarding, deployment and feedback
  8. Customer success

Rise Up Academy

An online platform offering immediate, easy-to-use resources

- Product updates and news

- Tutorials in e-learning format

- Community space for peer-to-peer exchange

- Documentation resource centre

Training and support at every key stage of your project

Face-to-face training courses for professionals who wish to improve their skills in digital and instructional design, for more engaging and effective training

Face to face trainings by Rise Up Academy

Rise Up Content

An extensive, ready-to-use offering

- Develop your employees' soft and hard skills

Engage and federate your employees around e-learning content designed by educational experts


- A catalogue approved by hundreds of thousands of learners

Inspire your employees from their first visit and motivate them to come back with tailored, interactive content


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Rise Up Content : a more than complete offering for hard & soft skills development