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The #1 LMS/LXP for training providers

Design customized training programs for your clients with our agile white-label platform and flexible credits model.

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Revolutionize your training delivery for maximum impact

  • Increase course completion rate with effective evaluation

    Streamline your customers’ evaluation process with quizzes, target scores, and open-ended tests with learner feedback. Complete courses and generate customized training certificates, with the ability to set expiration dates that are monitored and send alerts before expiry.

  • Automate client task management with smart groups and sub-portals

    Client sub-platforms are separate environments that represent each entity's unique identity and branding. Manage your clients’ learning systems by assigning training supervisors such as assistant administrators or group managers to monitor statistics or make changes.

  • Get a smarter view of your clients' training performance

    The Data Lab tool enables tracking of client progress through weekly reports, engagement and skill development monitoring through pre-designed dashboards and customizable reports. Detect issues and disengagement quickly with real-time monitoring of KPIs.

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A complete learning and development platform that will help your business grow

Our users have seen:

  • 12% increase in sales after digitalizing their training offer and implementing a blended learning approach

  • 10% increase in client satisfaction and retention thanks to a more engaging and efficient learning experience

  • An improved assessment process due to a straightforward interface with immediate feedback and interactive functionalities.

How training organizations can maximize their success in 2023

  • How to personalize learning content by focusing on desired outcomes, relevance, and real-world application.

  • How to measure learning impact and improve learner experience.

  • How to improve efficiency and automate delivery with an LMS.


How training organizations can maximize their success in 2023_blog
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Awards & recognition

  • Recommended in LMS, LXP and Authoring Tool categories


  • Top 10 LMS solution in Europe

    HR Tech Outlook

  • Leading learning technology provider

    Learning & Performance Institute (LPI)

  • Core Challenger

    2023 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Learning Systems

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