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Training organization Leadership & Co. evolves their training experience with Rise Up

Discover how Rise Up helped Leadership & Co. create a collaborative environment outside their live classrooms to help build a community and encourage peer learning. 

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Why Leadership & Co. needed to switch their LMS providers…

  • Lack of community sharing capabilities for learners and advisory support for admins.

  • Clunky user interface with minimal integrations with other applications.

  • Burdensome admin that required the creation of a new environment every time a new client was onboarded. 

Discover the full range of benefits that come with choosing Rise Up by delving into their inspiring success story.

Leadership and Co dashboard

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Benefit from:


  • Blended learning platform supporting offline and online training
  • Data Lab tool for custom reports 
  • Smart groups and sub-portals to automate client task management
  • Integrations with your tech stack and content to streamline onboarding
  • Easy ability to create and tailor training programs on the fly
  • Flexible token credits model to pay for what you need when you need it

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