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It's time to Learn in the Flow of Work

Rise Up integrates with your business applications to meet your learners where they are and accelerate their time to skill. 



Boost your learning program's impact
Embed learning into your employees' daily life

Learn as you work without leaving Microsoft Teams 

There's no need to choose between working and learning, learners can be reminded and access their training directly from Teams as well as evaluate their progress and access their certifications at any time, from any device.

The Rise Up app for Microsoft Teams enables employees to enrich their training experience by offering all the collaborative features of Teams at their fingertips: video, calendar alerts, conversations, etc.

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Make training a powerful Sales Enablement tool


Integrate your training directly into your Salesforce CRM for faster and more effective sales teams.

With the integrated Rise Up offering in Salesforce, you can deliver the right content at the right time and measure the performance and ROI of your training program in real-time.

Salesforce x Rise Up

Mobile Learning, learn on the go

In addition to enabling learning anywhere, anytime, the Rise Up mobile application is the optimal platform for micro-learning, on and offline.

Among the application's various features, the messaging functionality allows for community interaction within the app itself.

Suited for non desk workers and commuters who want to brush up their skills, and complete assessments whilst on the job. 

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Enhance the impact of learning with BOOST

Improve retention with Boost; learners can engage in quick tests of 5, 10, or 15 minutes. BOOST focuses on concepts that are not yet fully acquired by the learner to help with their spaced repetition.

Enhance memory consolidation in short periods of time, providing an optimal user experience on mobile. It's time to test your knowledge!


The results speak for themselves

  • Un tableau de bord clé en main

    Rise Up a su identifier les KPIs essentiels pour suivre et mieux piloter la montée en compétence des apprenants. Via la Data Visualisation, ces metrics sont disponibles en temps réel sous forme de tableau de bord, depuis votre plateforme, en plus des résultats des évaluations et quiz des apprenants.

  • Un accompagnement axé sur la performance

    L’accompagnement Rise Up comprend le partage d’analyses et de recommandations d’optimisation au regard des insights fournis. Un exemple : l'identification des points de décrochage, et les actions préventives à mettre en place.

  • Consulting Data Intelligence

    La Data Intelligence permet de creuser les usages autour de la formation, ainsi que de cerner les différents profils d’apprenants et leurs besoins : segmentation, cohortes de rétention, Churn, LTV, efficacité de l’Onboarding, courbe de rétention des talents, et ainsi de suite.

  • Consulting Data Performance

    La Data Performance permet de mieux piloter l’activité de formation en s’appuyant sur la data pour définir le scénario le plus efficace (sur l’engagement et la montée en compétence) et la stratégie de formation à adopter.

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Expert guide

Learning in the flow of work

It’s time to adopt a learning culture.


According to research conducted by Fosway, 84% of learning and development leaders consider it important to integrate digital learning into other corporate platforms like Microsoft Teams and Salesforce.


In other words, having recognized the importance of collaboration when working remotely in a virtual team, companies are seeing the value in learning in the flow of work.


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