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Revitalize your L&D program with the right LMS for your business


Embed a next-level learning culture throughout your organization with our flexible SaaS LMS/LXP/Authoring Tool and consultant-led LearningOps™ team. 



The complete learning and development platform


•    Content management and creation
•    Reporting and tracking
•    Engaging interactive user interface
•    Open API integration with all business tools
•    Blended learning support
•    Mobile app with offline access
•    UK-based customer success team
•    Flexible SaaS platform with white labeling capabilities


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Benefit from

  • Frictionless integrations with your business applications

    Create a seamless ecosystem by integrating Rise Up with your HRIS, CRM, ERP, TMS, and other business solutions. Rise Up has the capability to exchange data such as user profiles, skills, content, and training activity history. To make the learner journey smooth and easy, and inform your reporting like never before!

  • Clear L&D ROI

    Benefit from Rise Up's best practice out of the box reports, alongside the ability to customize your own. Use key performance indicators for your learning programs, track the skill development of your learners, and measure the business impact of your training initiatives to report back to the board.

  • Continued support from the experts

    From day 1, the LearningOps coaches are here to help. Rise Up makes it easy for you. We will work with you to provide meaningful learning experiences to help evolve your L&D strategy, and ensure you're always on target with your business objectives. With Rise Up, data becomes your best ally. 

Why learners love the Rise Up LMS via the mobile app

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    Keeps you learning

  • IMG_0777

    Keeps you compliant

  • IMG_0909

    Keeps you organized

  • IMG_0832

    Keeps to your schedule

Interactive accessible learning will help your business grow

Our research shows:

  • +22% ACTIVE learners

    since implementing the Microsoft Teams app with our customers.

  • 45% faster course completion rate

    for smartphone users.

  • 95% course completion rate

    with blended learning vs 70% of only e-learning modules.

Awards & recognition

  • Recommended in LMS, LXP and Authoring Tool categories


  • Top 10 LMS solution in Europe

    HR Tech Outlook

  • Leading learning technology provider

    Learning & Performance Institute (LPI)

  • Core Challenger

    2023 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Learning Systems

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