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The market-leading AI-powered LXP/LMS 


The future of learning is here with our generative LIA bot. Learning has never been easier from automatic generation of training content, translations, content recommendations, and more!


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Create captivating training content in seconds with LIA AI bot 

Define the topic of your training course and let LIA take care of the rest.

LIA can curate and recommend relevant learning resources, such as articles, videos, or courses, based on learners' questions and interests. Save yourself hours of searching as LIA sifts through vast amounts of content and presents the most valuable resources in seconds. 

Your free personalized coach

Benefit from LIA's virtual mentoring and coaching, providing instant guidance and support for learners customized to their profile and information.


LIA enables employees to seek assistance anytime, anywhere and fosters continuous learning and development within the organization.


LIA can quiz learners and help them test their knowledge to ensure greater retention too! 


LIA helps you...

  • Optimize

    Generates descriptions and content for your course

  • Organize

    Tags associated skills

  • Create

    Creates visuals to make your course more engaging

  • Communicate

    Translates your content into the languages of your choice

Expert Guide: The Ultimate Guide to AI for your Learning Program

AI can help you scale your content creation, accelerate translation, increase learners’ knowledge retention, and improve learner engagement and outcomes.


Find out why you should be thinking about AI and what you should be considering before embedding it in your Learning Program.

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Translate in seconds with more accuracy

Rise Up’s LIA AI bot translates your trainings and notifications into any language your business needs and is more accurate and contextually aware of translations than traditional tools. LIA learns from vast amounts of multilingual data, continuously refining and improving its translation capabilities to help optimize your content as needed. 


Optimize your learning content with AI

Generate your bespoke custom visuals and images with our AI image generator. You can also benefit from our AI generated/rephrased titles to make your courses more exciting for learners to pick from. Watch your engagement rates sky rocket with LIA’s help. 

LIA Generate Title-1

Planning and creating new courses at record speed

React to business needs and challenges by asking LIA for recommendations and guidance on your next learning paths, and watch her curate course plans in seconds. Enabling effective planning and task facilitations for content creators.  


Leverage Smart Import, an AI-based H5P  feature, to build large amount of interactive content in minutes directly from Rise Up.


  • Upload text, web links or videos.
  • Let AI explain central concepts, generate questions, summaries, flashcards, and more.
  • Review your interactive course and, if necessary, edit the concepts.
  • Publish the training for your learners without leaving Rise Up.

Employers expect 69 million new jobs to be created over the next five years, how will you stay on top of the upskilling and retraining for all of these roles without AI support? 

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