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Mobile learning

A mobile application adapted to the context
and pace of your learners


With its short formats and micro-learning pedagogy, mobile learning is perfectly suited to increasing the skills of your employees.

Moreover, it is highly recommended for countering the principle of knowledge loss, called the “forgetting curve” by Hermann Ebbinghaus.

Counter the principle of knowledge loss with Rise Up LMS mobile app

According to Lynda.com, smartphone users finish their
training 45% faster on average.

One app that delivers everything

- Offers micro-learning with sprints of 5 to 15 minutes

- Provides offline access to content 

- Integrates WhatsApp to allow the community to communicate within the app

- Proposes an omni-channel user experience

- Supports SCORM content as well as third-party apps such as calendars

- Available on iOS and Android

Rise Up LMS : A mobile app that does everything and more

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