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The #1 LMS/LXP for the construction industry


Provide your construction workers with an easy-to-use blended learning platform.

Let's supercharge your teams’ efficiency with Rise Up’s learning solution built for Construction L&D use cases.   


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Empower your construction and trade workforce to make safer, smarter decisions with seamless learning experiences

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The bespoke learning solution for the construction industry

Streamline onboarding
by assigning teams, roles, and regions relevant machinery and compliance training through our smart rules

Be ready for your upcoming audit by reporting and tracking course completion via our data lab, and detect issues and disengagement quickly with real-time monitoring of KPIs.

Benefit from our complimentary content marketplace to assign relevant courses on the fly, including health and safety, and ISO training to soft skills, and leadership mentoring

Create your own bespoke content via our authoring tool to support your company’s bespoke needs and “just in time” training

Generate customized training certificates with the ability to set expiration dates that are monitored and send alerts before expiry

Connect your business applications to enable learning in the flow of work with tools including MS Teams, Salesforce, and SAP. Benefit from our mobile app with offline capabilities so your learners can access while working on-site


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  • Assess practical skills virtually and in reality.

    Enhance the learner experience through our H5P tool and 360 images to bring practical skills into the virtual world through scenario learning. Allow assessors to award badges confirming the practical application of skills. 

  • Learning anywhere, anytime.

    Download content through the mobile app so you can access learning even when you have no connection! Your learning progress will feed back into the platform whenever you’re back online. 

  • A platform suited for your diverse workforce.

    The Rise Up platform is available in 23 different languages to make the learning journey accessible for all your employees.

  • Manage safety & compliance training with ease.

    Deliver health & safety training through our built-in authoring tool, award certificates, and legal documentation, and maintain records that are aligned with safety regulations and compliance. Choose from our library of partner content to support your training plans e.g., workplace health & safety training, sustainability, and more! 

  • A platform that’s easy for ANYONE to use!

    Our platform is user-friendly, intuitive, and suitable for anyone - no matter how limited their experience is with technology! Content is designed to be easily delivered and consumed.


Construction companies that invest in training have a 25% lower accident rate than those that do not.


On-site workers who receive training are 10% more productive than those who do not.


Companies that offer training have a 20% lower turnover rate than those that do not.

LearningOps™ for the construction industry

As many global construction and manufacturing businesses are already using Rise Up, we understand the importance of mobile learning, ensuring employees comply with industry standards whilst also staying up-to-date with risk and safety trainings.

Our consultant-led team is here to help. 

The Rise Up LearningOps framework will help to give you laser focus on where to prioritize for your L&D program. To drive real business impact, our service team starts at the point of re-identifying the needs and continues through planning and implementation. Let us help you build this program together.

It’s time to make the switch. 


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Interactive accessible learning will help your financial business grow

Our research shows:

  • +22% ACTIVE learners

    since implementing the Microsoft Teams app with our customers.

  • 45% faster course completion rate

    for smartphone users.

  • 95% course completion rate

    with blended learning vs 70% of only e-learning modules.

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