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Help Increase Employee Retention

The skills gap is the biggest challenge facing today’s organizations. Not only is there a global shortage of talent, but, with advances in AI, the skills required for work are changing fast.


Discover how your L&D program can help increase employee retention.

Insights from the UK’s CIPD Festival of Work conference.


According to the latest FoW insights from CIPD, there are three ways your L&D program can help increase staff retention.


  1. Onboarding is critical - learning should start from Day 1.
  2. Gain competitive advantage by promoting development and career progression.
  3. Wellbeing could be L&D’s new best friend.
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“Company culture can be stronger than country culture if you roll out your values/behaviors correctly, which will help create a sense of belonging regardless of the region they’re working in.” 

The skills gap is the biggest challenge facing today’s organizations.


  • Employers expect 69 million new jobs to be created over the next five years, but 83 million others to disappear
  • Finding, attracting, and retaining talent is now a major challenge. It takes nearly 50% longer to fill open positions today than five years ago.
  • Smart organizations are looking at their skills strategy as a way to ensure they have a pipeline of able talent to fill new roles as they emerge.


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