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Learn on the go with the Rise Up learning mobile app

Reach your learners wherever they are on their favorite devices. Unlock the power of offline and microlearning via the Rise Up learning app. 

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One app that holds all your learning

Includes micro-learning with sprints of 5-15 minutes

Provides offline access to content 

Integrates with WhatsApp to allow learners to communicate however they prefer

Proposes an omni-channel user experience for true LIFOW

Supports SCORM content as well as third-party apps e.g. calendars

Available on iOS and Android


Why learners love the custom learning mobile app

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    Keeps you learning

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    Keeps you compliant

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    Keeps you organized

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    Keeps to your schedule

The results speak for themselves

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Learn while you work, wherever that is. Begin a course at your desk, and finish up on the Rise Up mobile app on the commute.

Explore and learn what you need seamlessly across your devices - on and offline.

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