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Connect employee learning to business outcomes 

In your bespoke complimentary consultation:

- Meet our experts who will work with you to understand your challenges via a deep analysis of your current L&D program

- Get guidance on best practice approaches and how to deliver real impact.

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Welcome to the LearningOps Framework

According to Gartner’s latest research, 70% of employees have not mastered the skills they need for their jobs today.

The skills gap is not tomorrow’s problem. It is today’s challenge. Being future-ready requires a shift today. Organizations that address this challenge now will have the invaluable competitive edge.

Technology on its own won’t transform your learning culture or modernize your L&D initiatives.


We help organizations and their teams stay up-to-skill to be ready every day with our LearningOpsTM framework.


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Review your organizational training and upskilling strategy with our learning & development experts

You may be in the early stages of L&D deployment, or well advanced with your program. No matter where you are on your training journey, our LearningOps workshop is for you.

In this one hour interactive session, we’ll:

•    Review your business objectives and how they align to your L&D program

•    Conduct a gap analysis of where you are today
•    Explore which L&D program is right for you
•    Share best practice examples for utilizing the LearningOps program
•    Offer insights on how to avoid common obstacles 
•    Create your personalized L&D strategy roadmap underpinned by the LearningOps framework

To drive real business impact, the solution starts at the point of re-identifying the needs and continues through planning and implementation. Let us help you build this program together.

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Join our community of global brands in revolutionizing your L&D program:

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LearningOps evaluation will include:

1. Objectives and strategy
2. Capability and resource
3. Processes
4. Technology and data
5. Assets and content
6. Structure and culture

Our objective is to get a good understanding of your current state, to help determine the best course of action.


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