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'How can your L&D program help increase employee retention? '

Supercharge Your Workforce: Unleashing L&D for Retention Success

Discover the key to skyrocketing employee retention and securing your organization's future success. Join Rise Up’s experts to unlock the untapped power your Learning and Development (L&D) program can have on retaining your key talent.

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In the session, you will learn how to:

  • Transform onboarding

    into an immersive journey that sparks belonging and fuels future progression. Learn from a logistics company’s success story, where a simple communication shift retained valuable talent by revealing hidden growth opportunities.

  • Harness internal career mobility

    to retain talent twice as long. Explore how a leading transport organization leveraged engaging, accessible L&D content and analytics-driven autonomy, resulting in passionate internal promotions, even from unconventional backgrounds.

  • Uncover the strategic link

    between well-being and retention. Integrate kindness, empathy, and mental health initiatives into your L&D program. Witness the tangible benefits of prioritizing employee well-being, particularly during turbulent times, like the cost of living crisis.

Don't miss this opportunity to supercharge your workforce, boost retention, and become a true learning culture leader.

Join us for an engaging session that unlocks the full potential of your L&D program.


Help Increase Employee Retention

The skills gap is the biggest challenge facing today’s organizations. Not only is there a global shortage of talent, but, with advances in AI, the skills required for work are changing fast.


Prep for our World of Learning Speaking Session with our guide and discover how your L&D program can help increase employee retention.

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