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How Rise Up helped an NHS trust streamline healthcare training


See how The National CT Colonography Training and Accreditation Programme (NCTCTAP) from the NHS improved its training in bowel cancer imaging and achieved a more unified learning experience by implementing Rise Up learning solution.

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About the client & their challenges

The NCTCTAP delivers evidence-based, high-quality training in bowel cancer imaging. The lack of mandatory and consistent training for radiographers and radiologists in interpreting CTC in the NHS has resulted in inconsistent performance and confusing training experience.


Main objectives

  1. Standardize training by implementing an LMS
  2. Centralize content distribution
  3. Facilitate data collection to track key performance metrics
  4. Provide engaging and consistent information in a clear and accessible way
  5. Create a strong visual identity
  6. Minimize learner drop-out

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How the NHS Trust chose the right LMS provider

Dr. Anu Obaro, Online Training Lead at the NCTCTAP, gives practical advice on how to navigate the selection process in finding the right learning platform.

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