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Akkodis Case Study

Akkodis was Rise Up's first customer to integrate training into their employees' working environment. Discover how they improved staff skills and business performance globally with a unified learning approach.

Akkodis' key business objectives included:

  • Helping high-potential engineers become top digital-skilled engineering consultants.
  • Instilling a culture where learning is seen as a long-term investment in employee development.
  • Build a consistent learning strategy across all regions.
  • Help business managers improve their sales KPIs and profitability. 

Download the full case study to learn how Akkodis truly implemented Learning in the Flow of Work.

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Discover Rise Up's Microsoft Teams integration

Make learning a part of the working environment to upskill your employees, increase business performance, and drive deeper employee engagement, just like Akkodis. Rise Up encourages proactive learning by enabling learners to access all their training directly from Microsoft Teams.


Discover Rise Up for Microsoft Teams

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