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Create immersive and engaging learning experiences with the Rise Up authoring tool

Our simple, built-in authoring tool
lets you focus on what is essential

You can import over 400 formats of educational content or you can create them all without leaving the platform


Create immersive and engaging learning experiences with the Rise Up authoring tool



- Creation of e-learning training paths with virtual, face-to-face or Blended Learning classrooms

- Customisation and set-up of legal documents and training certificate templates (duration and reminder before expiration)

- Management of training course registrations and training paths



- Activation of ready-to-use training content through Rise Up Content

- Import of existing training modules in SCORM format

- Creation of training modules with the Rise Up authoring tool in various formats:

* Video content, documents, text, iFrames, images, PDFs, etc
* Interactive content: screencasting with Screencast-O-Matic or interactive modules with H5P
* Creation of quizzes (self-administered/scored), exams (open-ended questions) or surveys (learner feedback)

- Translation of training courses into 22 languages with a few clicks



Option to choose between autonomous or assisted mode to create skills repository, placement test and revision scenario


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Create your own Blended Learning training paths

Rise Up offers a complete solution for deploying your Blended Learning courses. You can improve the skills of your employees by combining human and digital interactions.

The best of Blended Learning
Create your own Blended Learning training paths with Rise Up authoring tool

Create interactive content with H5P

  • Accordion

    Create vertically stacked, expandable elements

  • Agamotto

    Create a gradually changing sequence of images

  • Collage

    Create a collage of images

  • Essay

    Create an essay with automatic correction

  • Diagram

    Quickly generate bar and pie charts

  • Dialogue card

    Create text-based cards that can be turned

  • Presentation

    Create a presentation with interactive slides

  • Branching scenario

    Create dilemmas and self-learning scenarios

  • KewAr Code

    Create QR codes for different purposes

Encourage memorisation and skill integration

Add tests directly from Rise Up, with immediate feedback, flashcards or other educational content from among the 23 modules offered

An infinite creative reservoir for learner engagement

You can insert different alternatives (text, audio or video) as required

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