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A best in-class Learning Experience Platform (LXP) that your learners deserve

The world is changing, and so is training. Engage your employees in a personalised learning experience.

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Discover and nurture essential skills through a collaborative AI-powered LXP

With our generative LIA bot learning has never been easier from automatic generation of training content, translations, content recommendations, and more!


Your learners now have access to a learning coach, available 24/7, with an answer for every question.

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Only use the LXP if you want to

For learners who don't want to leave where they're working, Rise Up can come to them. We believe in the power of learning-in-the-flow-of-work. Integrate your business applications so all of the learner data feeds back into the LXP whilst learners stay within their favorite applications.

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Learners can come together with social learning

55% of learners ask a colleague when wanting to learn a new skill. It's time to facilitate a social learning community. 

#1 Leverage user-generated content for higher engagement.

#2 Activate discussions and reactions on the Community board.

#3 Motivate employees to participate in challenges and win badges.

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Your learners will be busy with our LXP

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The #1 LXP/LMS in Europe

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Manage your virtual classes with LXP magic

Rise Up's electronic signature functionality makes it easier than ever for learners to record their learnings. 

  • Automation

    Remind learners who haven't signed in yet within 2 clicks and your configurable timeframe (e.g. 10 mins)

  • Simplicity

    Use integrated email if the learner prefers for their own personalized/anonymous link

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