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Personalised Training

The world is changing, and so is training. Engage your employees in a personalised learning experience.

Increase personnalisation of your training systems

For Rise Up, personnalisation is not just about recommending content like Netflix.
It goes much farther: it involves offering a personalised training experience optimised for the profile, level, needs and learning context of each learner.

Managing your regulatory training

In certain sectors such as banking, insurance, real estate or health, continuous training is subject to certain regulatory constraints.


Rapid deployment for mandatory pre-employment training
With Rise Up, companies can register a new user for an existing training course in just a few seconds, even if the user does not have an email address.

Manage your regulatory training with Rise UP LMS

Managing the expiration of certifications

Rise Up enables the management of certificate expiration, as required by the application of the IDD in the insurance domain, for example, and thus enables deadlines to be foreseen and met.


Rise Up can organise training courses so that employees spend a certain minimum amount of time to obtain their certificates. In addition, the automatic generation of legal documents on the LMS is a feature that is greatly appreciated by our customers. They can thus fully secure the validity of their training actions, without leaving the platform.

Manage the expiry of certifications with Rise UP LMS

Objectives and certifications in brief

  • Setup

    Set a target and a minimum or maximum training time required (e.g. at least 15 hours per year on IDD training)

  • Certification

    Once the target is reached, the certificate is generated and available in Rise Up. Both the manager and the learner are automatically notified.

  • No more forgetting

    At the end of the certification validity date, an email is automatically sent to the certified learner and his/her manager, indicating that he/she must renew his/her training.

More interactivity with social learning

The Community area can be likened to a networking space for training. In effect, it represents an area where learners can communicate and help each other, within:

- a group

- a training course

- a training path, etc.

In short, at any time during the learner's training cycle! 

It makes it possible:

- to encourage and keep the community of learners alive

- to send messages to all learners or to learners in a given area (the administrator has control over the level of distribution)

- to share training courses and resources with other members

- to react to a message, reply to it, and mention a user

- to see comments on training courses

- to contact users within the community rather than by email

- to share advice related to a skill that has been developed

More interactivity with Social Learning - Rise UP LMS

Manage your virtual classes easily

An electronic signature will enable you to simplify the signing of attendance sheets. It has four advantages:

  • Automation

    Remind learners who have not yet signed in, in 2 clicks, all within a configurable timeframe (e.g. 10 mins)

  • Simplicity

    Use email if the learner has difficulty accessing the platform (the user will not need to identify himself/herself and will simply click on a personal link)

  • Real-time

    Follow the status of signatures without any delay

  • Security

    Benefit from a 100% secure system, no QR Code

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