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Edtake is the first educational design platform and freelance marketplace in the training sector.

  • Integration with Rise Up

    The integration between Edtake and Rise Up enables the exchange of important learner data (number of learners, completion rates, satisfaction, etc.) in order to retrieve the information needed for pedagogical analysis and decision-making on future projects.

  • In brief

  • Unique tool dedicated to the pedagogical design of training courses.
  • Centralization of project-related data, tools and stakeholders to ensure follow-up, traceability and success. 
  • Centralization of available pedagogical resources (internal or public) to enable decision-making.
  • Imbrication of edtake's own algorithms and AI to support the user.
  • An integrated and specialized freelance marketplace for outsourcing all or part of a training project. edtake takes care of profile search, qualification, contracting and project follow-up. 
  • More about our partner

    Edtake was first and foremost created to respond to a general and complex problem for all those involved in training. Training design is a very specific environment that requires its own way of working. It is very difficult for those involved to adapt generic tools (project management, piloting, etc.). 

    That's why Edtake includes a range of solutions and functions that enable professionals in the sector to centralise the entire design process, from concept to delivery, in a single tool. 

    With more than 3,000 specialist freelancers and around fifty corporate customers, Edtake has become an essential tool and community. 

  • Certifications: AFNOR - AFAQ, digital training engineering
  • Hosting country of server(s): France