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Integration and engagement

Increase the impact of learning

Rise Up has been designed to help anchor and engage your learners

For effective upskilling, learners must find meaning in their training

Encourage learner independence

The learner can access self-assessment tests or evaluations (review system) via LIA, to test his/her knowledge on a targeted skill, and feel naturally encouraged to take or resume training.

With our LIA coach, he/she can also set and plan his/her own objectives. For example, the minimum time to be spent on training during the coming week.

With Rise Up virtual coach LIA, empower your learners

Gamification according to Rise Up

This involves challenging learners by creating objectives, for example: log into the platform X times, publish X messages in the community area or achieve an average score of X% in their courses.

It is also possible to set up a levelling system to encourage learners to progressing to higher levels, depending on achieving objectives and accumulating experience points. The defined levels defined, such as Beginner, Intermediate and Expert, can be represented as badges to make the training experience more fun.

Apply gaming strategies to improve learning and make it more engaging - Rise Up

Measure and demonstrate the impact of training

Training professionals are increasingly subject to performance logics. They must therefore justify the ROI of their training systems and manage their actions on the basis of Key Indicators. By designing the optimal training path or by distributing the right content to the right targets, they can generate greater effectiveness and impact on the development of their employees' skills.

Rise Up supports its customers throughout the entire training cycle by providing Digital Learning and Data expertise, from the definition of KPIs to the recommendation of optimisation and corrective actions, to ensure alignment with the company's performance objectives.


Measure the impact of your trainings with Rise UP LMS

  • A turnkey dashboard

    Rise Up has identified the essential KPIs to monitor and better manage the development of learners' skills. Via Data Visualisation, these metrics are available in real-time in the form of a dashboard, from your platform, in addition to the results of the learners' assessments and quizzes.

  • Performance-based support

    Rise Up support includes sharing analyses and recommendations for optimisation based on the insights provided. An example: identification of disengagement points and the preventive actions to be taken.

  • Data Intelligence Consulting

    Data Intelligence makes it possible to dig deeper into the uses of the training, as well as to identify the different profiles of learners and their needs: segmentation, retention cohorts, churn, LTV, onboarding effectiveness, talent retention curve, and so on.

  • Data Performance Consulting

    Data Performance enables better management of training activity by using data to define the most effective scenario (in terms of engagement and skill development) and the training strategy to be adopted.


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