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An illustrated guide to Adaptive Learning


It is particularly important today to offer training that corresponds to the needs and job demands of each individual employee. In this short guide, find out what adaptive learning is and how you can use it to meet the needs of your employees and help achieve your business goals.

Respond to employee training needs with adaptive learning

Companies can achieve this by adopting a skills-based approach. This, in turn, requires them to put a competency framework in place. Download our expert guide to explore:


  • What is adaptive learning and why you should use it today?
  • The challenges for adaptive learning in current societal and professional contexts.
  • What are the two approaches to adaptive learning?
  • The integration of adaptive learning into a broader training strategy that targets organizational performance.

Download the paper to discover a more effective way of gaining new skills.



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Unlock success with adaptive learning

How well your business performs ultimately comes down to the ability of those who work there. This is why companies and training organizations alike need to provide easy access to training resources. This includes…

  • Strengthening soft skills

  • Offering a virtual learning coach

  • Relevant and up-to-date information

Meet LIA, your free personalized coach

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LIA enables employees to seek assistance anytime, anywhere and fosters continuous learning and development within the organization.

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