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How to learn in the flow of work

According to research conducted by Fosway, 84% of learning and development leaders consider it important to integrate digital learning into other corporate platforms like Microsoft Teams and Salesforce. 

It’s time to adopt a learning culture.

Rather than cherry-picking talent from elsewhere to respond to skills shortages, companies need to be proactive in developing the skills of their employees to maintain business performance. And with most businesses adopting a hybrid working model, it’s hardly surprising that the digital learning market is booming. 


In this guide, we cover:

  • The Origin of the LIFOW concept
  • Defining LIFOW 
  • The challenges and benefits of learning in the flow of work
  • How integrating your learning systems with your business applications can work
  • Getting LIFOW embedded into your operations


Download the paper to find out how your learners can access learning as they work without disruption.

strategies for enabling LIFOW

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