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You don't need an LMS

3 reasons you don't need an LMS:

1. An LMS won't solve your problems

2. Most learning happens outside an LMS

3. A poor LMS deployment leads to poor learning

Challenges in the current LMS landscape

L&D professionals have come to us saying:

  • “This will be our 3rd LMS, in 5 years.”
  • “Uptake with our current LMS is underwhelming. People just aren’t using it.”
  • “You can spend so much on an LMS but then half of your staff aren’t using it! It’s too overwhelming, we need to keep it simple, but don’t know where to start.”
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What you need instead of an LMS

An LMS is only part of a true “learning solution”. Certainly, you need the management system to do its job, but an LMS alone is missing two critical elements: an LXP and an Authoring tool.


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