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Salesforce integration

Learn as you work without leaving Salesforce


Increase your sales' lifetime value with Rise Up's Salesforce integration

Adoption: Get trained in real time, without leaving Salesforce


Personalization: access the right content, at the right time, according to the needs of the salesperson


ROI: have a clear view of the performance of your sales representatives with regard to the training effort!


This approach leads to a 10 to 20% increase in turnover per salesperson.


* Source: Maximize the lifetime value of your sales force from McKinsey.



Increase deal size, and accelerate time to close with salesforce learning

  • Companies that focus on building the right skills in their sales teams experience a boost of +10% in their sellers' lifetime value.

  • x5 Higher market growth is observed by businesses that develop next-generation sales capabilities.

  • By personalizing training to sellers' individual needs, companies achieve an average increase of +4% in revenue.

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Deliver personalized sales training that is fully integrated into Salesforce Interface

  • Facilitate opportunities management with AI training recommendations based on your opportunity stage.
  • Ensure business performance by tailoring sales training to what your sales reps need when they need it.
  • The embedded learning catalog fosters a learning culture by providing a fluid learner experience for all teams.



Track the impact of your training program on the performance of your sales reps

Demonstrates direct impact on business performance and learning ROI through real-time business metrics.


Rise Up has developed a series of turnkey indicators to highlight the sales training effort with its additional performance.


The Rise Up x Salesforce offer has been designed so that the training activity has a direct impact on the closing rate and the revenue generated.


Detect easily, to correct quickly

Quickly detect if training content is not suitable via your real-time insights dashboard.

Finding lower than average rates on some of your courses? Revise or replace content to improve engagement.

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Expert guide: Learning in the flow of work

According to research conducted by Fosway, 84% of learning and development leaders consider it important to integrate digital learning into other corporate platforms like Microsoft Teams and Salesforce. Learn more by downloading our expert guide.

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"What we love is being able to monitor the additional performance of salespeople who have benefited from this training. We talk a lot about the ROI of training. Here it's simple, a Head of Sales can immediately see the impact of the training program on the performance of his team".

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