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training centre

A successful digital transformation for a training organisation


Business Case: FAC+ training centre


FAC+ is a training centre in France specialising in IT, office automation, multimedia, management and foreign languages. The company came online fairly early, offering online training courses supplemented by face-to-face workshops.


The challenge: How can digital learning be used to drive growth? The FAC+ business case addresses this question with a step-by-step analysis of their implemented solution in collaboration with Rise Up.


About the programme

Challenges: Providing a marketable training product, a solution that had clear value as a blended option.

As a training provider, they also needed to deliver high-quality teaching that had a real demonstrable impact, rather than an ‘easy to manage’ option. 

Objectives: Devise a lucrative business model, build on employees' skills, increase learner engagement, and find the right balance between e-learning and face-to-face classes.

Sector: Training centre


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