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A successful digital transformation for a training organisation


Business Case: FAC+ training centre


FAC+ is a training centre specialising in IT, office automation, multimedia, management and foreign languages. It is based in Savoie-Rhône-Alpes, France and offers certified training courses (ENI, TOSA, LILATE).

FAC+ came online fairly early, offering online training courses supplemented by face-to-face workshops.

The challenge: how can digital learning be used to drive growth? The FAC+ business case has a go at answering this question, with a step-by-step analysis and some results to boot.


On the programme

Challenge: how can digital learning help a training centre grow and meet industry requirements? This business case takes a look at skills building, learner engagement, and the optimal mix between e-learning and face-to-face classes.

Objective: devise a lucrative business model.

Sector: training centre.


Make your digital transformation a success:

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