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Optimise the client and learner experience with digital learning


Business Case: Rise Up x IFPASS, the French institute of insurance training



At Learning Technologies 2020, an e-learning conference, Mathias Vincent, Director of Innovation for IFPASS, presented his feedback and recommendations on how to tackle digital learning as a training organisation. 

The talk was particularly well-attended by sector professionals. 

Inspired by this success, we decided to publish our IFPASS business case study and their feedback video.


On the programme

Challenge: the appetite for increasingly modern remote training courses has never been so strong, both on the part of public authorities and learners. However, not all training organisations have reached the same level of maturity when it comes to digital learning. 

Objective: enhance appeal, productivity and traceability.

Sector training organisation.


Digital strategy for training organisations:

download the IFPASS business case and the full video!