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learning in the flow of work

Learning in the flow of work:

How to incorporate training into the work day and improve employee performance


A guide for improving employee performance through learning in the flow of work


In the post-Covid landscape, companies have learnt that anticipating future trends and adapting to emerging challenges is crucial to their survival. And the key to developing organisational resilience is fostering an internal learning culture. Rather than cherry-picking talent to respond to skills shortages, companies need to proactively develop their employees’ skills.

However, the most frequently cited learning and development challenge is the lack of time available for training. In the increasingly busy world of work, how can organisations provide employees with the exact training they need in an engaging and time-efficient format? Learning in the flow of work might just hold the answer.


In this guide you will find:

  • An overview of learning in the flow of work (LIFOW): what it is, how the concept originated and what it looks like in practice
  • The top challenges for learning leaders, and how LIFOW can help solve them
  • A strategy for designing and implementing LIFOW practices within your organisation
  • An introduction to the Rise Up & Microsoft Teams app, a unique LIFOW solution designed to reduce obstacles to training and enhance employee engagement
learning in the flow of work guide

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