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E-learning: 5 steps to get your learners interested

Rise Up joins forces with Micropole Learning Solutions in order to provide you with all the advice you need for the smooth running of your digital training. Micropole Learning Solutions is a Digital Learning creation agency and LMS integrator that co-creates and deploys the training devices best suited to the needs of your learners. Learners are more than ever at the heart of the training process. 

How can you orient your content to their needs and, above all, what techniques can you put in place to keep them interested throughout the course?


Create attractive and effective training content

This white paper, produced with Micropole Learning Solutions, highlights 5 major steps to improve employee engagement: 

  • ask yourself the right questions before taking the plunge
  • building an engaging education
  • deploy and communicate its training
  • vary the pleasures
  • integrate social learning 

Stimulate the interest of your learners


white paper by :

Rise Up

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Micropole Learning Solutions

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