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Zoom based portal with or without licenses Zoom 

  • Integration with Rise Up

    You can now use as many Zoom rooms of 300 people per room as you need, without reservations 

  • In brief

  • Create as many virtual rooms as you need, then find your usage statistics by users and much more online. 
  • More about our partner

    Metnoo “One-Click Connect” 

    Keep your Zoom account keys 

    The "One-Click Connect" feature of My Meetnoo makes it easy to connect a Zoom account to our solution. And that, with just one click! Simply click on the "Connect my Zoom account" button from your personal space to add one or more Zoom rooms as a resource in your interface. Once connected, you will have access to the management of your rooms, but also to all the advanced features offered by our platform for managing your meetings. 

    No Zoom account? Meetnoo takes care of everything! 

    The My Meetnoo administration console is also for people who do not have a Zoom account. By using My Meetnoo, you will be able to enjoy an enriched videoconferencing experience and our advanced features, just like a user with a Zoom account. 

    With many years of experience in this field, our concierge service is at your disposal.

  • Certifications: Encryption Algorithm: AES-256-GCM