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Simplified Onboarding

LIA: more than a bot, a training coach

While our LIA coach is actually a bot, the technology is different than chatbots found on e-commerce sites. LIA is, in fact, an extension of the trainer, who is too often unable to individualise the offered training. In order to increase your effectiveness, LIA has been trained to assist and personalise skill development. Thus, LIA recommends, supports, searches on demand and notifies you of reminders. Ultimately, LIA makes your learners' training experience truly unique.



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What are LIA's key functions?

  • Onboarding the learner

    LIA takes care of the learner's product tour and highlights the key stages to build interest.


    LIA also connects to the learner's calendar and indicates their availability for training.


    LIA adapts to the learner's profile and daily mood, recommending content that is relevant to their needs for skill development. The learner can also specify his/her needs by indicating a training title, a category, keywords, skills, a date, a session location (near his/her city) or a training duration.

  • Providing links and direct access

    Need to resume a training course or access the training completion certificate? LIA searches for the relevant information and provides direct access to the learner.


    The learner can also set his/her objectives in terms of the time to be devoted to the course during the week and have himself/herself assessed by LIA.

  • Synchronising calendars and reminders in the learner's work environment

    LIA connects with the learner's calendar and indicates his/her availability for training and/or revision.


    LIA also sends reminders for planned sessions from the apps the learner uses every day.

  • Individualising and personalising training

    LIA personalises the training experience by offering the learner content adapted to his/her needs, either actively (the learner has a targeted training topic) or in the form of suggestions (he/she is guided by LIA, making decisions based on the learner's placement test and training history).

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