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Arkot Studio



Bring a new dimension to professional training by combining short films and storytelling with individual and collective support for learners. Arkot Studio has introduced Twisted Learning: The method that brings fun and learning together.

Discover Arkot Studio

  • Arkot Studio, the Pioneer of Twisted Learning

Twisted Learning is the method that brings joy and learning together, it includes:

  • An alternative method based on a reflective approach
  • Storytelling at the heart of the learning experience
  • Blended learning: Videos, quizzes, evaluations, experiments
  • 100% digital, multi-device and multi-platform


Arkot Studio's mission: To add a new dimension to the world of e-learning by combining short films and storytelling, to offer our customers entertaining and engaging learning content that people want to follow all the way through to the end.  

We bring together experts in HR, psychology, and coaching with the creative industry to create new kinds of training. With Rise Up, we can offer our customers fun, captivating training courses that the learner wants to complete.

Arkot Studio


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