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cross talent

Crosstalent's integration with Rise Up provides a highly efficient user experience, greater fluidity in the training process, and low maintenance of operational conditions.

Discover Crosstalent

  • All HR data becomes Smart Data!

Crosstalent can provide super-powerful management and reporting tools, and intuitive KPIs to build dashboards and reports that help you make the right decisions. 

Crosstalent is a solution that's hyperconnected with your ecosystem. The solution can be easily integrated with the tools already existing in your organization: payroll software, electronic signature, job boards, and LinkedIn. Find more than 3,000 applications available on AppExchange, and the Salesforce application store.

Create an attractive, personalized employee experience whilst following the 360° lifecycle of your organization's employees. Provide them with a "user-friendly" sharing tool that integrates a genuine corporate social network available on desktop, tablet, or smartphone via a mobile application.

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Thanks to our platform's various functionalities, employees can find everything they need in one place. Our Rise Up integration makes learning in the flow of work possible.



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The entire GoodHabitz training catalog can be found directly in your Rise Up space.


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Sponge and Rise Up partner to create a one-stop-shop for unforgettable learning experiences.


Other Partners


Learn as you work without leaving Salesforce.