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Edflex's integration with Rise Up provides the best learning opportunities for you. Save time, simplify skill development, and build positive learning habits with a comprehensive, adaptable training catalog that can be integrated into your existing tools.

Discover EdFlex

  • The future of learning lies in simplicity

Discover the most intuitive way to learn: aggregating the best learning content.

  •  One-stop access to all your open and certifying training content.
  • Saving time for learners and teams training.
  • Unrivalled flexibility with formats and durations to meet any needs.


Offer your employees instant access to knowledge with qualified learning content that is tailored to their needs. Enable intuitive learning that is anchored in the day-to-day life of your employees.

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Our integration with Rise Up, with the help of our curation of training content. can help you develop professional training habits and increase your learners' engagement every day,



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The entire GoodHabitz training catalog can be found directly in your Rise Up space.


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Sponge and Rise Up partner to create a one-stop-shop for unforgettable learning experiences.


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Learn as you work without leaving Salesforce.