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One-stop learning shop

  • Integration with Rise Up

    We accompany Rise Up customers at all stages, from Build to Run : 

    - Deployment and run of Rise up platform : set up, training and support of all stakeholders, connectors development and interfacing, run... 

    - Content and historical data migration  

    - Content creation on all types of technologies (authoring tools, Full 3D, VR/AR…), including video shooting, directly integrable in Rise Up.  

    - Upskilling on Digital Learning expertise : use of Rise Up authoring tool or other market solutions, virtual class preparation… 

  • In brief

  • Easy handling of Rise Up
  • Good and full training for teams
  • Permanent support
  • Interconnected solutions
  • Innovative contents, with high quality standards 
  • More about our partner

    Turnkey solutions for all projects (platform deployment and run, contents creation or trainings) with easy handling of tools in place, no stress, thanks to a total care of your teams by Smartch. 

  • Certifications: Qualiopi
  • Country where server(s) are hosted: Europe only, France mainly