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Training companies : How to promote your trainings ?

It is not always easy to know what actions to put in place in order to make one's training known to everyone... Prospecting, natural referencing via social networks, discover all our advice to bring your e-learning projects to light! 

Many companies are calling on training organizations to train their employees. However, these organizations sometimes do not know how to promote their training and therefore remain unknown to companies. Discover without further delay our advice on how to promote your training.

In recent decades, social networks have emerged as the new way to advertise and share all kinds of information instantly.

How to promote your trainings

Improve its visibility on the internet to make its training known


It's impossible to miss the Internet phenomenon. We now have access to a multitude of information in no time at all, simply by connecting to the Internet from a mobile phone or computer. So we are used to having everything, right away.

Since we are evolving in a world where everything goes very fast, every actor in a company must be fast and efficient! For example, a training manager looking for e-learning in digital marketing who does not know a training organization specializing in the subject will type "digital marketing training" on his search engine.

Then, it is highly likely that he will choose one of the first five results. It is therefore essential to make sure that your training is well visible on the Internet. You will need some knowledge of natural referencing. To do so, you will need to use the right keywords to optimize your chances of appearing in the first results. 

First of all, you'll need to have your target clearly identified. Let's take the example above: the target is therefore companies with a marketing department that may need to train their employees in digital. Also, you will need to know the preferences and habits of your target in order to adapt your SEO as well as possible.


How about social networks?


In recent decades, social networks have emerged as the new way to advertise, to share all kinds of information instantaneously. So much so that many people have made it their job to become "influencers".

Following this new wave, many companies have started to make themselves known through social networks. For example, by highlighting their products or offers, regardless of their sector of activity. 

Promote your training on social media

In short, if you want to add a string to your bow during the promotion of your training, you can try social networks. But beware, although it may seem simple as a hello from an outside eye, making yourself known in this way is no easy task. You'll need to post regularly, varying your content and above all, trying to stand out from the crowd to win subscribers. This will surely take some time, so don't despair!

And finally, once you've succeeded in building a community, you'll need to redouble your efforts to retain them and encourage them to join your training.


Back to Basics: Prospecting to make one's training known quickly


Every good salesman knows it, it's the golden rule of selling: you have to prospect. This is still the best way to make your training known. Indeed, prospecting has a considerable advantage, that of being as close as possible to the customer.

Unlike the Internet, and even if it is very important to correctly reference your training on the web in order to gain visibility, prospecting allows you to get in direct contact with the customer. You create a link between him and you, by going to meet him.

Targeting companies that could correspond to your training offer is the first step towards good prospecting. Careful targeting is an excellent way to put all the chances on your side to promote your training! 

To sum up, there are obviously several ways to make your training known to companies and training organizations. In order to take advantage of these different methods and ensure the success of your project, the best solution is still to combine the three processes mentioned above.

The perfect equation? Mix a good referencing on the internet, an active and relevant promotion on social networks, while prospecting with organizations likely to join your training. In this way, your training will gain visibility!