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blended learning

blended learning white paper

BLENDED LEARNING: Build your training course in six easy steps!


Blended learning allows you to combine the advantages of distance learning (flexibility, autonomy, cost optimisation, course personalisation, etc.) with those of face-to-face training (maintaining human contact, support and tutoring, practical exercises, etc.). Thus, blended learning enables an easy and rapid upskilling for your hybrid and agile workforce.

Six easy steps to build your blended learning course


Putting together a blended learning course means following a detailed plan. This guide aims to support you through these six stages:

  • Understanding digital learning and its various forms
  • Analysing your business and its needs
  • Planning your training strategy from start to finish
  • A step-by-step plan to bring your course to life
  • Publishing and promoting your training course
  • Evaluating and improving your material over the long term
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