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Create engaging and interactive e-learning that your employees love with Elucidat’s award-winning authoring software. Elucidat's integration with Rise Up empowers L&D teams to expand content production, capture expertise, and increase learning quality, whilst cutting costs.


Discover Elucidat

  • A rewarding partner program designed to grow your business

The integration between Rise Up and Elucidat allows customers of both platforms to benefit from a more seamless experience when deploying e-learning.

Elucidat's features include:

  • Full authoring suite enabling authors to create engaging elearning from scratch.
  • Advanced features like social polls, rules, branching, and personalized content clips.
  • Easy-to-use workflows to support localization and creation of content variations.
  • Control quality with review workflows and content approvals before releasing to learners.


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High-quality e-learning content created in Elucidat can be instantly deployed to a module within Rise Up for an engaging learning experience.



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