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PeopleSpheres is a tailor-made HRIS that connects and centralizes all your HR software (access, data, invoices, contracts) and becomes your single point of contact for managing your subscriptions and accessing the best services on the market. 

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PeopleSpheres gives you the freedom to compose your own solution by selecting and intelligently connecting any best-of-breed HR system to our platform. The solution delivers an unrivaled, unified employee experience across all your most trusted HR tools. 


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With Rise Up, we are able to go beyond traditional L&D approaches to reinvent training activities and enhance your employee career paths. The easy-to-use system offers training actions that encourage employees to be involved in their own career development.



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The entire GoodHabitz training catalog can be found directly in your Rise Up space.


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Sponge and Rise Up partner to create a one-stop-shop for unforgettable learning experiences.


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Learn as you work without leaving Salesforce.