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Speex provides language courses and professional coaching designed for hybrid work, delivered by online coaches supported by cutting-edge AI. Speex can also offer all the tools, analyses, and services to satisfy your HR and L&D needs.

Discover Speexx

  • Language and business training

Speexx deploys solutions that reflect you and your company - Speexx adapts to you!
Speexx focuses on producing the best user experience through integration.
Speexx believes that the success of a project must be measured and monitored, which is why we put together a team of experts to help you optimize your investments and achieve your objectives.
Speexx considers a training project to be launched like a "product" and we market it for you to ensure the best possible launch, as well as throughout the project.
Speexx's solution is available in 13 interface languages and 5 learning languages: English, FLE, German, Italian, Spanish, and many more, with high-level coaching formats. Additional languages such as Russian, Dutch, Mandarin, and Portuguese are available for individual coaching.

Speexx Platform
"Our platform has been embedding an intelligent algorithm since 2018, making us the first to implement an ultra-customized learning experience. Long live employer branding and happy users!"



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