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Training Orchestra

training orchestra


Training Orchestra’s integration with Rise Up offers the most comprehensive solution to manage the whole training process.

With a collaborative portal, automated administrative processes, powerful analytical tools, and seamless integration with your existing systems, Training Orchestra helps L&D staff optimize their time, allocate resources efficiently, and improve the quality of service provided to employees.

Discover Training Orchestra 

  • Optimize your employee training processes, effortlessly with Training Orchestra

  • Automate registrations, waitlists, and cancellations, and broadcast information in seconds to all your trainees.
  • Define and track all actions needed before and after each session through personalized to-do lists. 
  • Create -  Edit and store administrative documents, updated across all terminals.
  • Collaborate in real-time through a shared dashboard and real-time communication terminals.

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We believe that training professionals deserve a stellar user experience, just as much as learners. So we designed our system to be more than a beautiful interface: a truly user-centric system that understands your job and makes it easier. We make the most complex training operations simple.

Training Orchestra


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