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VAL Software

VAL software


Rise Up's integration with VAL Software provides training organizations with an expert solution to support successful learning, training, and innovation.

Discover VAL Software

  • VAL Software customer focused values:

VAL Software provides the most secure cloud-based solution to manage all of your training management processes.

Their priority is to design and develop a management solution specially tailored for training providers, helping customers to:

  • Manage their daily work more efficiently
  • Optimise their processes through automation
  • Facilitate reporting by the use of a single database


Their customer-focused values include:

  • Expertise in training and technology to make every project a success
  • Innovation to ensure upgradability and anticipate future requirements
  • Transparence as the foundation of a trusting, long-term relationship
  • Performance to provide receptive, personal customer service


VAL software ss
To better serve our customers, we have developed interfaces that allow seamless interconnectivity between our management tools and Rise Up. Our aim is to make our customers’ daily work easier by optimizing their data input processes, saving up to 5 days a month, and increasing productivity!

VAL Software


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