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An integrated system to sell your courses online via Rise Up.

Discover Yunoo

  • Deploy in a few clicks the Yunoo white-labeled solution to sell to individuals or companies

  • Branded Storefront - A fully branded, Shopify-like storefront that makes selling courses easy.
  • Integration with Rise Up through the API - automates learner enrolment and avoids duplicate entries
  • Shopping Cart & Checkout - An intuitive, secure shopping cart that makes check-out a breeze for learners & companies
  • Individual & corporate checkout - Corporations can purchase multiple seats and allocate them to learners via their Yunoo admin dashboard.

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Yunoo's learning store integrates with Rise Up API by retrieving training metadata (titles, descriptions, categories, skills, sessions) so you don't waste time typing the same information twice.

The integration also streamlines online course sales by instantaneously enrolling learners on Rise Up upon purchase and directly signing them in.

We are a software adapted to your needs, aimed at training and upskilling to increase satisfaction and engagement. We are proud to be working with Rise Up and supporting their learners.



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