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Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning for skill development that is aligned with your employee's training needs

Guide learners to the right training path, with the right formats and content, at a suitable pace for better assimilation

Rise Up offers a system able to recommend and support learners in their skill development, from the placement test to the review of acquired skills.

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Rise Up's Adaptive Learning also makes it possible to assist the trainer throughout the training process, from skills repository design to content recommendations associated with optimization of revision scenarios.

Personalised training is not just a matter for Machine Learning or cognitive science. We have therefore ensured that the Rise Up solution fits perfectly into your HR logic and training project.

Whether there are 10 or 100,000 learners,
offer them a personalised training experience!

The placement test

Identify the learner's needs and skills before training begins

Our tools:

  • Skill scanner

    A preferred skills scanner which crawls through your training content

  • Skills repository

    A standardised repository of over 13,000 skills

  • Question banks

    Banks of standardised questions categorised by skill

An adaptive path

We offer you a training path that will automatically adapt to your learner's skills.


Our AI has been trained to understand the purpose of your training and match it to your learner's placement test.

Rise up Adaptive learning : a training path that will automatically adapt to your learner's skills

Anchoring and revision

Rise Up creates automatic review scenarios to anchor your learner's skills over the long term.


By combining Machine Learning and neuroscience, Rise Up is able to suggest review scenarios at an optimal time and pace for the learner, for macro- and micro-learning.

Anchor your learner's skills over the long term with Rise Up Adaptive Learning solution
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