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Because our job is to provide companies with solutions, we keep a close eye on the applicable regulatory requirements.
Because each sector of activity and each type of organisation has its own problems, we talk to our clients so we can understand them and provide an even better response.
Because we are a product of Innovation, ‘innovation’ will always be our watchword.



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Turnover and training

Some sectors are naturally subject to higher than average turnover. 
Hospitals, factories, hotels and restaurants, business services, non-food trade, transport, personal services and the food industry are the sectors most affected by turnover.
Employee training must therefore be stepped up and deployed as quickly as possible to ensure employees are ready to work. Optimising training costs in these sectors is also a real problem.
Training in companies affected by high turnover is all the more important as it is a factor in the successful onboarding and retention of employees.

A business model adapted to turnover.

For companies with a high turnover, Rise Up has set up a system to reassign an outgoing learner's licence to an incoming learner in order to offset the training costs.


Solutions for successful onboarding.


First impressions on joining a company are just as likely to disappoint a new recruit as they are to inspire them.

Onboarding new employees is a crucial step in motivating them and increasing their chances of staying with the company.

Rise Up envisages an increasingly personalised learning experience. This ensures the training really meets the learner's needs: we believe this to be the main factor for learner engagement.

Knowing the employee, their needs, the way they do things and their learner profile and providing the tools to success in their work life, ambitions and career is key to their retention and performance in the company.

From exchanges with a bot for a personalised experience to smart groups and content visibility, we have a lot to offer. Take a look at our solutions.


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Face-to-face training


Face-to-face training is a necessary, time-honoured way to pass on knowledge, and is still the most widespread training method used by companies today.

It has many advantages:

  • It is easier to gauge learners’ reactions and adapt in real time
  • It is easier to interact with learners
  • There are benefits associated with non-verbal communication
  • It is easier to get learners’ attention
  • Role playing can be used
  • It is easier to have discussions and work together 

Last, it is easier to create a link between learners and between the trainer and the learners when they share the same physical space.

This observation will always be valid, regardless of the many advances made in the field of digital learning and the possibility of having real interactions via synchronous and asynchronous training formats, such as the virtual classroom, forums and collaborative workspaces.


Manage face-to-face training from your LMS.


The Rise Up solution was built in a way that integrates face-to-face training management into the platform's functionalities, in the same way as the management of e-learning paths.
Reserve rooms using the synchronised calendar, send invitations and create electronic attendance sheets: organise and monitor your face-to-face and e-learning courses from the same interface.
Your learners will also benefit, as the course overview provided by the platform makes it easier for them to see how their training modules fit together. The transition between face-to-face and remote sessions will be seamless, as everything is displayed in their personal training space.

The advantage for you is that you won’t lose any data or have to import data on the face-to-face training, for improved follow-up and evaluation of your courses. 


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Regulated industries


In some industries such as banking, insurance, the property market and health care, continuing education is subject to certain regulatory requirements.
Moreover, other regulatory training courses such as health and safety training, machine operator certification and the various electrical certification levels are mandatory before taking up a position.
A number of hours of training may also have to be completed over a fixed period of time once the employment contract has begun.
Companies may be exposed to sanctions if they do not fulfil these obligations, risking loss of certification, removal from a professional body, or even criminal penalties.


A large proportion of regulatory approvals or certifications do not offer permanent certification because they must be renewed on a regular basis.


The set of regulatory approvals and certifications varies according to the activities, tools or raw materials used, the production environments and the standards that govern them. They evolve in line with legislation relating to a particular risk (asbestos, live electrical work, etc.) or the strengthening of environmental standards for companies that are involved in tendering procedures or subcontracting.


Our response to compliance training

Rapid deployment of mandatory training before an employee takes up a position.


With Rise Up, companies can register a new user for an existing training course in seconds, even if the employee doesn’t have an email address. All the employee needs is a code. This means the job can be taken up in the shortest possible time and in accordance with the regulations, without anything getting in the way! 


Managing the expiry of certifications.

Rise Up can be used to manage the expiry of certifications and therefore help you anticipate training requirements and meet every deadline. Rise Up can set up training courses so the employee has to spend a minimum fixed amount of time on them in order to obtain their certificate. In addition, the automatic generation of legally required documents on the LMS is a feature widely appreciated by our clients. It means they can ensure everything is in order with their training initiatives, without leaving the platform.

We also have experience in the regulations of Luxembourg.

Rise Up in Luxembourg



Training your subsidiaries, franchises, clients or partners


Essential training for your partners.

Hardly any companies work without a partner, whether it’s a supplier, distributor, franchise or subsidiary. It’s not just multinationals: many organisations are continually surrounding themselves with new partners. The complex ecosystem in which they operate must follow specific rules if it is to function properly. They must adapt their management and training processes accordingly.
To safeguard the performance of your company as a whole, information must be disseminated and training must be rolled out within your network of partners. Disseminating information and knowledge in a timely manner to all the parties involved is quite simply essential to your operations. 
By integrating this key component into your HR initiatives, you will be able to stand out through the management of your network.

Train your customers, subsidiaries and white label partners with Rise Up.


To train external audiences independently of each other, Rise Up enables you to create self-contained training areas on partner platforms. These partner platforms are linked to a central platform – yours – and administered according to the desired degree of autonomy. These areas have their own training courses, content and users.
They are also fully customisable with the brand, colours and logos, for example. In addition to the interfaces, you can also customise the administrative documents, legally required documents, certificates and even assessments generated by these sub-platforms.
And that's not all! Your partner platforms can also be divided into groups to reflect the complexity of each structure.


Poor connectivity: training employees without internet access or an email address


A mobile app for offline training.


The mobile app means your employees can access training anywhere, wherever suits them. But that’s not all!

They can also use it to access training when offline, once the documents have been downloaded.

It’s perfect for your mobile employees, or those working in areas with little or no internet access.




All your employees can access training, even those without an email address.


A considerable share of today's employees does not have a professional or even a personal email address. 

The digital divide should not hinder their training, even when it takes place online. 

With Rise Up, all you have to do is give your employees a code so they can access their training.



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