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An LMS at the cutting edge of performance and customisation

Take advantage of a wide range of features to configure your LMS according to your requirements and reach every learner in the best way possible.

  • Customise the platform according to your own colours

    From the name of the platform to the branding and logo, your training platform will look like you

  • Visualise the impact of your system

    Access integrated dashboards, customised reports and real-time statistics

  • Reduce barriers to learning

    Automatically translate your platform in a few clicks in 22 languages. Geography is no longer a limitation to learning.


Integrate learning in your employees' daily routine

Transition effortlessly from working to learning with the Microsoft Teams Rise Up app

Moving seamlessly from working to learning, and back, each learner can access his/her training directly from his/her work environment, evaluate his/her progress and access his/her certificates at any time, from any device. LIA, our virtual training coach, supports employees throughout their learning experience, within the Microsoft Teams app.

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Mobile learning at your fingertips

In addition to promoting learning anywhere, at any time, the Rise Up mobile app is also the best way to offer micro-learning. Learners can complete learning sprints of 5, 10 or 15 minutes. Our mobile solution offers key features including accessing content offline and communicating within the app through a WhatsApp integration.

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Mobile Learning and training at your fingertips with Rise Up mobile app

Our solution interacts with all your tools

Whether you use a CRM, ERP, HRIS or TMS tool, or even an e-commerce site, we can easily exchange information such as users, training course catalogue, and training course history: registration, completion level, results and much more.


Learning and training at your partners' fingertips

To train several subsidiaries or external audiences, Rise Up allows you to create autonomous training spaces on partner platforms. These partner platforms are linked to your central platform and administered with the level of interaction you determine. These spaces have their own training content and users.

They are also fully customisable: brand, colours, logos, etc. In addition to the interface, customisation also includes administrative and legal documents, as well as certificates and evaluations generated from these sub-spaces.

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