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Relax: your LMS manages and deploys all your training actions.

Your LMS has got your back, day after day.

Rise Up was created to facilitate the management of blended learning.

Manage face-to-face training, e-learning and blended learning from the same interface and stay on top of current regulations.


Face-to-face training

Book rooms using the synchronised calendar, send invitations and create electronic attendance forms.


Roll out your training in 22 languages with our translation tool.


Generate legally required documents automatically and set minimum training times.

Partner platforms

Create independent spaces for your customers, subsidiaries and franchises.


A digital campus with your branding

Create your company's very own digital campus with our white-label LMS. Fully customise your site and mobile application with your brand colours.



Import employee information directly into your LMS by connecting your IS or HRIS. This means you can create learner accounts automatically, and assign training courses to learners according to their profile.


View all training courses at a glance

You can access an overview of all your training courses, to find out how all they are progressing at any given moment, so you can assess and adapt them.

Rise Up facilitates the management of vocational training 


Create personalised courses

Devise training programmes that encourage your employees to make progress.

Create groups according to learner profile, depending on the learner's skill level and their goals.

Assess how their skills develop over time.


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Easier to manage

Take advantage of being able to create electronic attendance forms for face-to-face and virtual classes.

Manage the expiration of certificates and produce certificates of completion of training.

Celebrate the achievements of your learners and create your own certificates using predefined styles.

Manage your training efficiently


Monitoring and assessment

You can use the Data Lab to view training programme data in a user-friendly format, at a glance and whenever suits you. Track the number of users, completed training courses and connections, etc.

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