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RISE Up Content

The best ready-to-go training courses


Rise Up Content

What’s it all about?

Rise Up Content is our off-the-shelf content solution. The training courses listed in your catalogue cover a range of soft skills and hard skills topics, essential for any organisation - provided in partnership with some of the finest content providers.

With Rise Up Content:

  • Make the most of some of the highest quality training courses on the market
  • Facilitate and accelerate the delivery of your training
  • Help your staff acquire the desired skills

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Some of the topics available

With Rise Up Content, activate the catalogues of your choice and train your learners in a flash!

Office automation
& Office 360

Project management

Time and stress management

Personal development




Remote working

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How does it work?

Search and select training courses in the Rise Up Content catalogue using keywords or specific skills.

With Rise Up Content :

  • Access content directly from your platform
  • Manage and distribute content as if you had created it yourself
  • Choose the format that suits you

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Off-the-shelf training courses, ready to go!

In partnership with the finest content providers on the market, your catalogue contains:

  • Over 1,000 training courses
  • Over 10 categories to choose from
  • Ground-breaking teaching methods
  • A wide range of formats




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Our trusted partners

This software is easy to understand, whether you’re creating modules or using them, and it’s really comprehensive: it met almost all my expectations.
In one sentence: it is much easier to work with this robust tool than many others we have worked with in the past, which were delivered by major suppliers.
(..) During the Covid-19 lockdown period, Rise Up helped us swiftly handle the transition between face-to-face learning and remote learning.
Rise Up is one of the few solutions to integrate face-to-face management with manual signing and webinar integration. It can also interface with other market solutions such as Beekast and Salesforce.