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Who we are


Our story

Rise Up is the story of two brothers and a mission they embarked on to broaden the horizons of in-house training.

In 2014, they created a digital campus for organisations that reflected their brand and set no limits in terms of formats.

In 2017, client feedback was clear: human interaction is the key to successful training. And so Rise Up created the first Blended Learning platform.

Today, Rise Up is breaking new grounds with a complete learning solution and AI-driven personalised training.


Our mission

Rise Up is a blended learning expert helping companies and training providers create and manage all their training programmes. E-learning, face-to-face training management, and mobile learning are all intuitively contained within a single multilingual platform which enables you to create fully configurable courses with an innovative authoring tool.
Our mission is to help you streamline your training process so you can focus on the most important things: the quality of your courses and learners' engagement. We are tirelessly working on our interface to ensure a modern, seamless and interactive training experience.
But Rise Up is first and foremost here to help you with your digital transformation. Before, during and after the deployment of your system, we pride ourselves on keeping a strong relationship with our clients. It is key to our success today.
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Our values


Cutting-edge technology.


Blended learning expertise. 


More than a service: true commitment. 


Open and honest. 


With you every step of your training journey.


A tried and tested solution.


Our Founders


Arnaud Blachon



Guillaume Blachon



Our UK Team

William Remes - UK Country Manager, Rise Up

William Remes

UK Country Manager

Carmen Bercea - UK Marketing Manager, Rise Up

Carmen Bercea

UK Marketing Manager

Cyril Calvin Bunduku-Latha - UK Business & Training Consultant

Cyril Calvin Bunduku-Latha

UK Business & Training Consultant