About us

Our story

Rise Up is the story of two brothers and a mission to broaden the horizon of corporate training.


In 2014, they created a digital campus for organisations, in their image and with no limits on formats.


In 2017, customer feedback was clear: human interaction is the key to success in training. Rise Up then created the first Blended Learning platform.


Today, Rise Up continues to push learning boundaries. What triggers employee engagement? It is by examining Data Performance that we can improve training performance.



Our mission

Our mission is to provide unequaled, personalized training solutions for all learners, trainers and managers.


By capitalising on AI and neuroscience, Rise Up has developed a solution capable of stimulating learning through an ultra-personalised training experience.

Based on declarative (placement test) and behavioural data, Rise Up offers each learner an optimised and personalised training path according to his/her objective and level.


To stimulate the acquisition and anchoring of key knowledge, the Rise Up algorithm suggests training and revision scenarios at an optimal time and pace (macro- and micro-learning) for employees. In short, Rise Up supports the learner, the manager and the trainer throughout the learning cycle.


The system aims to reposition the learner on new training actions, according to his/her evaluations, actual progress and learning pace.


By offering this level of personalisation, Rise Up enables the learner to become a key player in his/her own development.



Our focus: customer success

  1. Training / knowledge transfer
  2. Usage / adoption
  3. Reports & recommendations for optimisation actions
  4. Analysis of training paths and suggestions for improvement
  5. Staying connected and communicating with peers through Rise Up Academy
  6. Analysis of the project with respect to company performance objectives
  7. Ongoing customer support (phone, email or chat)

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