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You have to meet the needs of your customers, adapt to their organization.
 You have to keep up with current educational and technological advances.
Qualiopi certification and the reform of vocational training must be at the heart of your reflection.
Half of our clients are Training Organizations: trust our expertise to meet these challenges with you.

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Qualiopi Certification

From 1 January 2022, training organisations will have to obtain the new quality certification, called Qualiopi, in order to benefit from public and joint funding.
Because we want to simplify the management of your training courses and also the administrative side of your activity, we want to facilitate your certification process.
We have therefore closely followed this reform and have included this parameter in our developments.
Thus, our solution can help you meet 4 of the 7 criteria of the reference system established by the training reform of September 5, 2018. Which criteria? 
  • Criteria n°2 : Propose training courses adapted to the needs.

    Rise Up will tool you on :

    - The creation of operational objectives that can be evaluated: monitoring and results indicators 

    - Training courses that can be modulated in different sequences.

    - An individualized practical guide: duration, calendar, modalities (face-to-face, distance learning, or mixed).

    - Modalities of individual support for learners.

    - Tools for evaluating and positioning learners (tests, multiple choice questions, role-plays, etc.).

    - How to evaluate your devices : Data Lab, training report.

  • Criteria n°3 : Accompagner et suivre les apprenants à chaque étape.


    In order to limit drop-out during training, strong means must be put in place in favour of learner engagement. We believe that the best means of engagement is the personalization of the training path accompanied by strong interactions with the learner.

    It is this vision of learning that led us to go beyond the LMS and to create Lia, a training companion that hides a personalised and resolutely interactive technology to bridge the gap between the employee at his or her workstation and the training platform. Lia then accompanies the learner on his training space, helping him to discover it and take it in hand. Commitment guaranteed!

  • Criteria n°4 : Offer an eco-system that is conducive to learning.


    The training organisation must show what means are invested for the success of the training: the venue, the teams, the equipment, the teaching resources, etc. The training organisation must also show the means invested for the success of the training.

    Investing in digital training technology that focuses on learning personalisation and learner engagement as Rise Up shows your commitment to your learners, beyond the administrative and management aspects of training devices provided by the use of a traditional LMS.

  • Criteria n°7 : Listen and take into account feedbacks, good or bad.

The platform allows several systems to evaluate learner satisfaction, hot or cold at the end of a training course.
The results of these surveys are already formatted for better analysis.
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The law for the freedom to choose one's professional future, the Avenir Law, has profoundly changed the landscape of vocational training.
This law, which has been in force since 1 January 2019, has become the common denominator for all companies in terms of training. This reform concerns us just as much as you do. Indeed, the changes it implies in the financing, organisation, modalities and content of training are elements that must be integrated into our offer, since our aim is to facilitate the transition of your training department.

The reform implies : 
  • Better optimization of training plan funds
  • The recognition of digital training
  • The implementation of training in work situations (AFEST)
  • Competency management
Find in this article the general principles of this reform. 




Our response to the reform.

Rise Up evolves in line with current regulations to make it easier for you to comply with them.

Thus, you will find several functionalities that will facilitate the compliance of your training system with the new legal provisions:

  • Transformation of the training plan into a skills plan
     Rise Up suggère à vos apprenants des parcours en fonction de leur profil.
  • Training actions in work situations
    Rise Up permet de tracer et encadrer l’apprentissage informel.
  • Certified trainings
    Determine the renewal of your certificates, their expiration and allow their traceability.
  • Follow-up of professional interviews
    With Rise Up, keep track of your employees' mandatory and recommended training.
  • Activity reports 
    Rise Up provides turnkey reports to report on the training provided in the company at any given time.

Your training catalogue


Use the Rise Up catalogue to show your customers all your training courses. Your customers will be able to read detailed information about the courses and apply for payment and access.

Below, see what it looks like!





Personalised customer areas


Create sub-platforms for your customers. These independent spaces respect the identity and brand of each of them and are completely independent of each other.

Have a global vision of the functioning of all your clients' training systems while assigning them the role of sub-administrator or group manager to the managers so that they can follow the training statistics and intervene according to the desired level.. 


Customer follow-up


Use our Data Lab, a statistical tool, to track the progress of each client or group of clients and send them weekly Excel exports. You can also produce all the legal certificates at the end of the training.

Do you want to analyse one aspect of your system in particular? Does your client want to know the ROI of his training? We can cross-reference your client's internal data with the data from your training courses and make a customised analysis. 

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The digital transformation of an OF: the keys to success

Reading by Mathias Vincent, Director of Innovation at IFPASS (Institut de Formation de la Profession de l'Assurance) at Learning Technologies 2020.




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