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Our services for training providers

Offer your customers a service that lives up to their expectations.

Capitalise on the flexibility of our solution and create a tailor-made training programme for each of your clients. 

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You have to fulfil your clients’ requirements and adapt to their organisation.
You have to keep up with the latest educational and technological developments.
Qualiopi certification and the reform of vocational training must remain at the forefront of your mind.
Half our clients are training organisations. Trust in our expertise: together, we can solve these challenges.

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Your training catalogue


Use the Rise Up catalogue to present all your training courses to your clients. They will be able to read about the courses in detail, made payment requests, and access the courses.

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Personalised client platforms


Create sub-platforms for your clients. These individual spaces reflect the identity and brand of each client and are completely independent of each other.

Get an overview of all your clients' training systems while assigning supervisors the role of assistant administrator or group manager so they can track training statistics or make changes. You can give them as much or as little autonomy as you wish. 


Client follow-up


Use our Data Lab, a statistical tool, to track the progress of each client or group of clients and send them weekly Excel exports. You can also produce all the legally required certificates at the end of the training course.

Do you want to analyse an aspect of your system in greater detail? Does your client want to know the ROI of their training course? We can cross-reference your client's internal data with the data from your training courses and produce a customised analysis

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